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By hoppaGo Team on October, 28 2019


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hoppaGo Team

hoppaGo are the specialists in ground transportation, and in response to the digital challenges that travel organisations are facing, we are offering a solution – one platform comparing a network of thousands of ground transport suppliers across hundreds of countries, allowing you to select the right transport supplier for the leisure or business traveller based on price, service, or vehicle type.

hoppaGo offers revenue generated from ancillary services which are more important to every travel and hospitality organisation.

hoppaGo offers choice

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Customers are continuously demanding a personalised experience, and every travel and hospitality organisation is trying their best to achieve this. hoppaGo is offering to help deliver this personalisation to your clients by providing an extensive network of ground transport solutions.

hoppaGo makes it easy

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With travel and hospitality organisations facing dominating challenges with the ever-advancing digital world and the fact that the global travel market forecast is to generate significant revenue growth, not everyone is quite ready to truly capitalise on this. With hoppaGo’s extremely accurate technology solutions offering, we make it undoubtedly easy and simple for organisations to legitimately benefit from new and growing revenues from ground-based transport services.

hoppaGo is simple to use

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There is nothing worse than having access to incredible technology that you know could benefit your business, but no one can figure out how to use it. With hoppaGo, we are offering a single platform that is created with the user in mind. With easy-access and intuitive-use we offer organisations the ability to search journeys and select suppliers based on transport type, price, and service.

hoppaGo creates connections

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No more searching back-and-forth between service providers. hoppaGo’s single platform will help you connect, search, and compare global anywhere-to-anywhere ground-based transport suppliers.




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