4 Ways that technology has changed the traveller's experience

By hoppaGo Team on October, 21 2019


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hoppaGo Team

More efficient online bookings


For any traveller, whether they are travelling for business or leisure, their journey begins long before they leave. It takes a lot of planning and budgeting, and then, of course, the booking of everything.

Technology has changed everything for the traveller when it comes to booking their journey. It has made the process almost seamless and with every new technology that seamlessness continues to grow. There is absolutely no reason why a travel company’s online booking process is not completely efficient.

The backend software of any online booking website plays a very large part in delivering the right information to the potential customers at the right time. That is why for any powerful booking engine you firstly need to make sure that there is a great display of your offering through descriptive content and images, and then secondly, make sure that the website is completely user-friendly in design. Thirdly, make sure that every aspect of the booking process has been tested and that any glitches have been amended (there is nothing more frustrating than a website not working, it will potentially drive your customers away).

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Mobile check-in


Travelling can be exhausting and the easier the whole experience can be made for them, the better. Waiting in long queues and spending unnecessary time going through a check-in process makes travellers more agitated.

Mobile check-in is one of the best ways to help to take away some of their stress and make their holiday or business trip more enjoyable. This technology is becoming increasingly recognised as an easy to adopt and beneficial way to get ahead of the competition.

Seamless Internal Communications


There is nothing worse than dealing with staff that are not organised and that don’t know what is going on. It can be extremely frustrating for any traveller and can end up ruining their whole experience, which is the last thing that any travel company wants for their client. Something like having seamless internal communications in this day and age should not even be a question, it should be a give-in. The technology that is available to travel companies helps all staff to be informed and engaged. If used effectively it will help the staff to coordinate operations and be motivated to provide the best possible service to travellers.

No More Language Barriers


When it comes to the travel industry, there is no doubt that you will have a diverse range of clients that speak different languages and are from different cultures. Previously, the language barriers have created a few problems for both the traveller and the travel company. The various technologies that have been created to help with these problems are incredible and can help prevent this miscommunication. The hoppaGo website has integrated this technology which has been amazing for our clients around the world. Currently, our website caters for 15 international languages.



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