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The importance of communication

By hoppaGo Marketing Team on March, 19 2020


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hoppaGo Marketing Team

Our clients are important to us and we want to make sure that their minds are at rest while working with us. Part of achieving this is through regular, clear and concise communication throughout the process of booking with hoppaGo.

To achieve this communication, we have implemented various points of contact for our clients, helping in offering the best service solution possible.



Once a booking has been made, we want to make sure the client has all the relevant information relating to the booking, and this is why we send out an e-ticket. The e-ticket is very important as it contains all the booking information you need including:

  • Booking reference number
  • Passenger information
  • Vehicle information
  • Journey information
  • Extras
  • Scheduled pick-up time
  • How to find your pick up
  • Contact numbers
  • How to amend or cancel your booking

You will receive your e-ticket, via email, seven days before the booking date, but if you happen to not receive it please submit a query here and click on the Pre-Travel Support section.


SMS Communications

In order to keep the communication going we send out a second reminder of the booking. In addition to your e-ticket, we will send a reconfirmation of the booking details straight to the customer by SMS. This SMS will be received 24 hours prior to the customer’s pick-up. If there happens to be any issues relating to your booking, please call one of the contact numbers listed on your e-ticket.


Contact and Support

When assistance is needed with your booking, we provide support through hoppaGo, as well as from the local supplier that the booking was made with. Once the booking is made, hoppaGo provides the customer with full contact details should any support be needed in destination.



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