Must-See Cultural Sites in Turkey to Suggest to Your Travel Customers

By hoppaGo Team on August, 19 2020


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With so many incredible attractions to choose from, planning a trip to Turkey can be a daunting task. We’ve put together a list of our top places of interest to give your customers the best in Turkish history, cuisine, and culture.



The Turkish capital of Ankara is a fascinating blend of modern metropolis and historic haven. The city sits on a steep incline that rises dramatically from the banks of the Enguri Su river, making for stunning views. Ruins of ancient civilizations from the Hittites to the Byzantines speckle the landscape - too many for us to pick just one. And when your customers visit Ankara, they don’t have to pick.




There’s something surreal about the Derinkuyu Underground City, a subterranean complex of rooms, ventilation shafts, and waterways that served to protect its ancient population in times of invasion. The city spans 18 stories underground and contains lodging, storage, stables, churches, and even a winery. Even more surprising than that is that it would have been able to accommodate a surprising 20,000 inhabitants for an extended period.



Konya-Turkey-Mevlana Museum-hoppaGo

The sarcophagus of 13th-century Persioan poet and mystic Rumi can be found in the Mevlana Museum in Konya. The mausoleum itself can only be described as stunning, with its iconic green conical dome. The tekke attached to the mausoleum was once home to the world-famous “whirling dervishes”, and performances by actual Sufi dervishes are held in the rose garden on Thursday nights during the summer.


Pamukkale Hot Springs


Not only are the white travertine terraces of Pamukkale absolutely stunning, but the thermal waters of its hot springs are rumoured to have healing properties as well. They are even said to be the secret to Cleopatra’s beauty. Even if that’s not true, a wade or a dip in the 35 degree waters can only do a body good. And if your customers prefer sightseeing over the spa treatment, the ruins of of the ancient Roman city of Hierapolis are only a hair’s breadth away.


The Acropolis of Pergamon


The Acropolis of Pergamon sits atop a steep-sided hill, 26 kilometers from the coastline of the Aegean Sea, which makes for some of the most dramatic views in the Mediterranean. The ancient city can be accessed by cable car, a ride which takes approximately 15 minutes and affords a lovely panorama of the scenery. Integrating elements of Ottoman, Byzantine, Roman, and Hellenistic structures as well as reflections of four of the world’s major religions, this site cannot fail to be of interest to the historically and culturally minded.



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