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By hoppaGo Marketing Team on January, 30 2020


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hoppaGo Marketing Team

As a business, we are continuously looking at ways in which we can provide a more valuable and efficient service to our clients – that is why, as you may have noticed, we have changed our communications. 

The numbers that you have been using up until now, 01483 804 808 and 01483 804 803, are no longer in service and currently have a recording on them advising of our new contact number, which is 01483 802 408. With this change, please ensure that your records are updated and that your staff are informed.

We know that any change can be frustrating, so we want you to understand the full reasons behind this change and why it will benefit you and your business.


The main reasons as to why we have made this change is because we as a company needed a way to have a clearer call logging process, so that we can better understand what our callers need assistance with. A better understanding helps us create a better interface and user experience for all our clients. With this in mind, it is important to listen to the menus carefully and select the most relevant options throughout.


When it comes to any complaints that you may need to log, it is better for both parties that we have all these discussions in writing, and for that reason our agents do no take calls about complaints, but there is a message explaining to the caller about how they go about logging a complaint. Remember that you can also reply to your ticket and check the status of any ticket you’ve raised with us through by entering in the ticket ID in question in the “My ticket status” form. 


Now that you understand the ‘why’, you are probably wondering how this benefits you overall. Well, there are plenty benefits that come with this change, because, as we said, we want to make your experience with us the best possible.


Here are some of the top benefits of this communications change:


  • The waiting time to speaking one of our agents has been reduced to an average of 37 seconds.
  • The new system has already assisted 56% of callers with the self-help messages, or with the additional automations that have been brought on.
  • Faster assistance with pickup times - If there is a pickup time available the system will read it back to the caller. If there isn’t a pickup time loaded yet and the client is due to depart within 48 hours, we will attempt to call the ride provider’s office number 3 times, and if there is no answer, we will also attempt the ride provider’s emergency number 3 times. If there is still no answer from the ride provider, the call will redirect to the hoppa call centre for assistance.
  • Faster assistance if your client has just arrived and they can’t find their driver - hoppa will then make 3 attempts to the ride provider office number, and if there is no answer, we will also attempt the ride provider’s emergency number 3 times. If for some reason there is no answer from the ride provider after 6 attempts, a message will be played to the caller with instructions of what to do next.
  • Easier through self-service - A message is played to you explaining how to do your request yourself - saving you the time to get what you need done faster, instead of spending time waiting in a queue to speak to an agent.
  • If a client has booked through a travel agent and then tries to contact hoppa directly, the client will be advised to contact their travel agent directly in order to make any changes to their booking. This will ensure that the travel agent is aware of the changes and kept up to date at all times with regards to the client’s booking with hoppa.
  • With these additional changes, the clients and agents that do need to speak to the hoppa or hoppaGo teams about an in-resort query, any emergencies, etc, can reach the hoppa agents quicker.


As you can see, we have given a lot of thought to this change and we hope that you can now understand the reasoning behind it all. Please remember to use the new number 01483 802 408 going forward to contact us, and we look forward to working with you again.



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