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You spoke and we listened - V3 vs V4 API

By hoppaGo Marketing Team on January, 30 2020


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hoppaGo Marketing Team

We want your overall experience with us to be as enjoyable and seamless as possible and that is why we have created a Version 4 of our API and we encourage you to make the change over if you are still operating on Version 3.

Here are some of the benefits of changing over from Version 3 to Version 4:

  • With Version 3, you were more restricted when it came to add your required location with coordinates as you were only able to use coordinates that had been provided by hoppa. Now, with Version 4, we have integrated with Google Maps and you have the ability to search locations according to any coordinates. This not only makes your searching easier; it also allows for more accuracy.
  • With changing over from Version 3 to Version 4, you have the ability to search by flight times and pick-up times. While you are making your booking, a flag is sent to the API and it will calculate your pick-up time.
  • Previously with Version 3, you search results were more limited where you were only provided with one of each supplier per location provided. Now, with the updated API, your results page will be filled with more suppliers within the specified location, which means you will also have more rates options to choose from.
  • Operating on Version 3 meant that your luggage was always estimated based on the vehicle size. We have made the change with Version 4 where the luggage amount is provided by the supplier, which means that the luggage allowance is more accurate, and it prevents any future problems for the client arriving with the wrong amount of luggage for their transfer.
  • Choosing the right supplier for your transfer booking has also been made easier for you. We have now integrated Trust Pilot Ratings for each supplier in Version 4, which helps you to choose the best supplier for your client based on previous experiences.
  • Making sure that you have all the necessary information about the supplier and the processes with them, we have included the cancellation process for each of them on the results page. This way you can make your booking decision with all the information on hand.
  • Previously, with Version 3, the information of the vehicle provider was not provided while making your booking. With Version 4, you can see who the provider is, as well as their logo – helping you to make the most informed decision for your booking. To add to this, we have also integrated more accurate images of the vehicles that you are booking so that you know exactly what you are booking.

With all of this in mind, you can probably see why upgrading to Version 4 will not only benefit you but your clients’ experience too.

For more information on our API, please email and we will be happy to help you.



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